Certification and Expertise

Buying a home can be a daunting and overwhelming process. With each inspection, ASHI Certified Inspectors offer their expertise to inform clients about the conditions of a home. Inspectors discover, disclose and document any significant points of concern as well as any recognized safety and health issues. Home inspectors help clients better understand their new home and prepare them for homeownership. One home at a time, one inspection at a time: ASHI Certified Inspectors ensure everyone involved in property transfer is more knowledgeable.

ASHI Certified Inspector

With over 31 years of experience, HomePro has worked with over 30,000 homebuyers, helping them learn about their house, pointing out potential problems and explaining routine maintenance steps that can help cut down on problems and save money over the years.

John Spoehr, HomePro’s Chief Inspector, has been an ASHI member since 1992 and is also an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI # 6245). John is a founding member of the local Delaware chapter, FIRST STATE ASHI and is also an FHA Inspector (#6041).

Furthermore, throughout his career John has taught continuing education classes to home inspectors on the national, state and local level. He has personally trained dozens of area home inspectors.

Standard of Practice

The ASHI Standard of Practice defines a home inspection. The home is divided into specific systems and details the manner in which home inspectors should inspect each component. Not only does this help guide the inspector during the home inspection but also ensures their client will receive a thorough and effective inspection report. ASHI encourages everyone involved with the home buying process to review the Standard of Practice to better understand the role of the home inspector.

Code of Ethics

The ASHI Code of Ethics details the core guidelines of home inspection professionalism and ethics. Covering crucial issues such as conflicts of interest, good faith and public perception, these home inspection ethics are central pillars of home inspection professionalism for the entire industry.

Integrity, honesty and objectivity are fundamental principles embodied by this Code, which sets forth obligations of ethical conduct for the home inspection profession. The ASHI membership has adopted this Code to provide high ethical standards to safeguard the public and the profession.

Inspectors shall comply with this Code; shall avoid association with any enterprise whose practices violate this Code; and shall strive to uphold, maintain and improve the integrity, reputation and practice of the home inspection profession.

Our mission is clear: “You can depend on the HomePro inspector to provide you with personal, exceptional service, the knowledge enabling you to make informed buying decisions and peace of mind in the home buying experience.”